A Full Design Team for About
What You’d Pay for a Freelancer

Adaptive Design Services is a collective of accomplished, senior-level design professionals and their network of talented and well-trained assistants. Our innovative, cost-effective approach allows our team to function as the ultimate design freelancer. We maximize efficiency and workload capabilities, while applying a high level of expertise to every project.

Our senior team members each have areas of specialization and 15+ years shaping major events and experiences for respected agencies and global brands.  For jobs of every description, you can count on Adaptive Design Services to deliver professional results that make your project–and you–look great.

We offer full-service, remote capabilities as well as on-site services and meetings in our base cities of LA, NYC, and Atlanta—or anywhere you need us to be.

Senior Team Members


Founder/Sr. Creative Director/Experiential Designer

Geoff is a highly sought experiential designer and concept artist with more than 15 years experience. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s nationally recognized Industrial Design program, he's worked on high-profile projects for the most respected designers and agencies. Geoff launched his professional career at Production Design Group, the multi-Emmy winning, broadcast set and experiential design firm in NYC. He formed Adaptive Design Services to keep up with his growing list of clients and to provide them with the enhanced service of a team-approach. Geoff is based in Los Angeles.

Corey Di Stasio

Creative Director/Sr. Experiential Designer

Corey is a versatile event and environmental designer, trained in architecture and design with more than two decades of industry experience. He effortlessly shifts between physical design, creative direction, and project management to best serve each project’s needs. Corey’s resume includes leadership roles on numerous, marquee accounts such as Google and MoMA. His expertise in providing comprehensive construction documentation, space planning, and implementation oversight ensures a smooth and thorough process, regardless of project complexity. Corey is based in New York City.

Jonathan Northcott


Sr. Interior/Experiential Designer

Jonathan is a veteran architectural and experiential designer. He holds an MA from the Royal College of Art & Design in Interiors & Architecture and is a master at interior and exhibit design, as well as architectural concept rendering. Jonathan has served as lead designer on high profile projects with clients such as British Airways, Oculus, Fendi, Warner Bros, Activision, Porsche and many more. Jonathan is based in London.

Oscar Leong

Multidisciplinary Designer/Project Manager

Oscar exemplifies the Adaptive Design Services methodology, adapting instantly to changing conditions and adding strength to every project he touches. His versatility allows him to contribute to projects as concept artist, draftsperson, set designer, space layout specialist, or graphic designer—or in any combination of roles. Since Oscar is typically involved in multiple aspects of most of our projects, he regularly serves as project manager to ensure maximum quality and efficiency for our clients. Oscar is based in Los Angeles.

Raphael Lamotta

Creative Director/Sr. Animator/Visual Effects Specialist

Raphael is a veteran animator, designer, director, and VFX artist. Originally hailing from the world of music videos, he has now done countless projects for elite brands such as Apple and Ford, as well as trailers for major films and television. With his rich talent and deep experience Raphael leads his team at Adaptive to produce breathtaking motion graphics, amazing videos, and the highest quality virtual events imaginable. Raphael is based in Los Angeles.

Grant Gulesserian

Director of Videography & Photography

Grant is a talented creative who has extensive experience as a cameraman and supervisor. He also has over 7 years experience with UAVs and drone technology. During his career, Grant has worked on feature films, TV shows, events, and commercial shoots with clients such as CBS, CNBC, Shell, Infiniti, Toyota, American Electric Power, and The History Channel. He is a master at conceptualizing, organizing, and executing video and photo shoots of all types. Grant is based in Los Angeles.